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Do you provide certified translations?

Yes, we are members of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) and all our translations are certified.

I need notarised translations. Are you able to help?

Yes, we can notarise our translations the same day with our solicitor.

Can you provide Foreign Office legalisation?

Yes, we arrange for legalisations of UK issued documents and our translations by the Foreign Office. Please be advised that most of the documents require a solicitor notarisation before they can be legalised by the Foreign Office.

My translations are urgent. How fast can you deliver?

We work on our client’s schedule. Normally a number of standard certificates scan be delivered within less than 5 days. A large file can be delivered with a week to 10 days. Can arrange for urgent translations that are required with 24 hours to be done at an additional fee.

Which languages do you handle?

We are able to deal with most of the language used in Europe, Asian and the Middle East.

How much do you charge?

We assess our charge is based on the type and size of the document. Some languages are more expensive than others. So, will need to review documents before we can give a price. Email us your documents and will come back to you straight away. Email to info@grampain-translation.co.uk

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